Quick Start Guide

SALES2CASH is one of the easiest apps to install in Salesforce. By default the app is disabled when you install it, and it does not modify any of your existing configuration. The main steps are:
  • Install SALES2CASH
  • Update Product2 and Opportunity Layouts
  • Set Product Schedules & Tax Accounts
  • Assign Permission Sets
  • Turn on SALES2CASH


Using the provided link and password, fist install SALES2CASH into a Sandbox for testing. We recommend selecting “Install for Admins Only” and then use the Permission Sets we have provided for your users to control who can do what. SALES2CASH generates a lot of sensitive accounting data and you don’t want all your users messing with it!
Sales2Cash - Salesforce Installation Screen for Admins Only

Update Page Layout

Product 2

We do not provide a Page Layout for Product2, there is only 1 new field “Schedule” so please add these field where needed. Any Products that you want to use need to have a Schedule selected.


We provide “S2C” page layouts for both Opportunity and Opportunity line items.  Take a look and decide if you want to use them or just mimic them and pick the fields you want.  If you don’t have any custom fields on Opportunity, it’s probably easier to just switch your users Page Layout Assignments to the ones provided by us. Also make sure your users can use the “Opportunity Builder” button that we provide.
Sales2Cash - Assign Page Layouts on Opportunity

Set Product 2 Schedules

SALES2CASH comes with three Product Schedules:
  • One Time
    • The Sales Price will be charged once
  • Monthly
    • The Sales Price will be multiplied by the number of Months like $20/user/month
  • Annual
    • The Sales Price will be charged once per year like $1,000/year
Sales2Cash - Set Product2 Schedules

If you are going to Sync with an Accounting system like Quickbooks online, you need to also set the Income Account field on your Products to exact match the name of your Income Accounts in your Accounting System.  In Quickbooks Online these are likely:

  • Sales of Product Income
  • Service

Assign Permission Sets

SALES2CASH comes with 4 convenient Permission Sets:
  • Admin
  • Sales
  • Contract Manager
  • Finance
You only need to provide permissions to users you want to see any of the new SALES2CASH components.  Sales reps without any permissions will still cause Contracts to properly generate when they mark an Opportunity as “Closed Won.” They just won’t be able to see the Contract.
Sales2Cash Permission Sets

Set Defaults and Activate SALES2CASH

SALES2CASH uses a custom MetaData record to store default settings an allow you to activate and deactivate all the triggers/features easily. Make sure to check “Enable S2C Contracts”

That's It! Go and try it out

  • Go create a new Opportunity
  • Use the “Opportunity Builder” button to add Products
  • Change your Opportunity to Closed Won
  • Verify a Contract was created and linked to the Opportunity
  • Change the Contract status from Pending to Approved
  • Invoices will generate immediately (you might need to refresh in Lightning)
  • Revenue Recognition generates on a short delay (usually less than 1 minute)
Sales2Cash Opportunity Builder

Once you have some Revenue Recognition records you can checkout the report:


Bringing in all your old Contracts

You can easily import all your existing contracts.  If you create import files for the Contract and Contract Items, you can change them all to Approved. They will automatically generate Invoices and Revenue Recognition. Then change the Invoice status to “Historic” so they will be ignored when syncing with Quickbooks Online.

If you want existing Opportunities to update these new Contracts, you need to associate the Opportunity with the Contract before you mark the Opportunity as Closed Won, so it knows to update that Contract.

Sync to Quickbooks Online

Once everything is running smoothly, contact us to complete this portion of the setup.


Write to the SALES2CASH team with your questions and someone will get back to you soon!
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